Aaron Brockett


Council Members

Matt Benjamin

Lauren Folkerts

Rachel Friend

Junie Joseph

Nicole Speer 

Mark Wallach

Tara Winer

Bob Yates




Council  Chambers

1777 Broadway

Boulder, CO 80302

January 19, 2023

6:00 PM

City Manager
Nuria Rivera-Vandermyde


City Attorney

Teresa Taylor Tate


City Clerk

Elesha Johnson








1.Call to Order and Roll Call
A.Joni Teter & Matt Appelbaum Housing Legacy Day Declaration to be read by Mayor Brockett10 min
B.International Holocaust Remembrance Day Declaration to be ready by Council Member Winer10 min
C.National Day of Racial Healing Declaration to be read by Council Member Benjamin10 min
D.Debrief on changes to the emergency alert system, and what social media platforms the city utilizes for real time updates related to the Sunshine Wildland Fire30 min
2.Open Comment
3.Consent Agenda
A.Consideration of a motion to approve Selection Committee recommendations for members of the Police Oversight Panel, as outlined in Title 2, Chapter 11, “Police Oversight,” B.R.C. 1981 pertaining to the composition, duties and powers of the City organization related to civilian oversight of the police, and setting forth related details
B.Consideration of a motion to approve Matt Applebaum’s appointment to the ICLEI Local Governments for Sustainability USA board as the city's representative
C.Introduction, first reading and consideration of a motion to order published by title only Ordinance 8515 to update the Site Review criteria as part of the Community Benefit code change project
D.Second reading and consideration of a motion to adopt Ordinance 8565 amending Section 10-10-2, “Adoption of the International Plumbing Code with Modifications,” and Chapter 11-3, “Industrial and Prohibited Discharges,” B.R.C. 1981, to comport with state and federal laws; and setting forth related details
E.Second reading and consideration of a motion to adopt Ordinance 8567 amending Section 2-2-14, “Initiation and Settlement of Claims and Suits,” B.R.C. 1981, increasing the settlement threshold from $10,000 to $50,000; and setting forth related details
4.Call-Up Check-In

Call-up consideration of a Concept Plan Review and Comment for a redevelopment proposal of 2747 Glenwood Court. The proposal includes demolition of the existing apartment complex and redevelopment of the site with attached multi-family and town house dwelling units constructed atop a new underground vehicle parking structure. The new development is proposed to include a multi-family building comprised of 102 efficiency living units (ELUs), 15 two-bedroom units, and six three-bedroom units, two separate townhouse buildings containing seven units each, and a leasing building. Reviewed under case no. LUR2022-00037

5.Public Hearings

Consideration of the following tax related ordinances:

1. Second reading and consideration of a motion to adopt Ordinance 8548 amending Chapters 3-19 “Electronic Smoking Device Tax,” 4-32, “Tobacco Retailers,” 6-4, “Regulation of Smoking,” and 6-4.5, “Sale of Tobacco Products,” and Section 4-20-75, “Tobacco Retailer License Fee,” B.R.C. 1981, to clarify licensing of tobacco and electronic smoking device retailers and tax on electronic smoking devices containing nicotine by all businesses; and setting forth related details

2. Second reading and consideration of a motion to adopt Ordinance 8562 amending Sections 3-1-1, “Definitions,” and 3-2-6, “Exempt Property and Services,” B.R.C. 1981, to exempt essential hygiene products from the city’s sales tax; and setting forth related details

3. Second reading and consideration of a motion to pass Ordinance 8563 amending Title 3, “Revenue and Taxation,” B.R.C. 1981, to provide greater consistency in tax administration within the code, align terms with best practices in the state, provide clearer guidance to taxpayers; and setting forth related details

60 min (15 min staff presentation / 45 min Council discussion and public hearing)
6.Matters from the City Manager
7.Matters from the City Attorney
8.Matters from the Mayor and Members of Council

Recommendations from Council Subcommittee on Engagement and a Welcoming Council Environment

60 min - 15 minute presentation / 45 minute Council discussion
9.Discussion Items

4:30 hrs

Additional Materials
Item Updates
Information Items
A.Northwest Rail Peak Service Study Update
B.Community Connector in Residence Update to Council- Safe Management of Public Spaces Ride-along
Boards and Commissions
A.December 7, 2022 Boulder Library Commission Meeting Minutes
B.October 12, 2022 Environmental Advisory Board Meeting Minutes
C.November 2, 2022 Environmental Advisory Board Meeting Minutes
A.Indigenous Peoples' Day Declaration (REISSUED)
B.National Radon Action Motion Declaration
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